Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stage Manager Me (College)

For years I have carried around my college yearbooks. I never received one from my senior year, and I really didn't care. My college left me with a really bad feeling. Kinda funny that I would keep the yearbooks since I did everything to stay out of them. There might be one picture somewhere, but I just looked and didn't see it. I think I am on the verge of purging them. If they don't really mean anything to me, how are they going to mean anything to anyone else?

There are two things, though, I that I thought were of interest that I scanned. One is the first play I stage managed at college (The Sea Horse). It is how I met a friend in the earlier blog entry. The second is me with the Drama teacher. Don't see me? That is because I am hiding. I knew they were taking the picture, so I ducked.

So typical for me. Plus, I must have avoided every opportunity for the group shots. I am no where to be found. I wanted that in high school, but was given no choice. I think I might be glad now that they didn't give me one. You would never know I went to college by looking at the pages.

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