Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Gift

Such a Wonderful Gift
When I was getting ready to move to California, I went to visit my nieces one last time, taking a map of the US with me. I thought it might be interesting for them to track my trip. The idea was that I was going to call periodically and tell them where I was. I thought it might be a way for us to connect. (Apparently one of my nieces still has it hanging on her wall).

In some ways I didn't want to leave NY, but it felt like the thing I needed to do. When speaking with them, if I didn't want to leave, why was I? I tried to explain to them that there may come a day in their life when they wanted to do something and it might not make sense to anyone other than them, or it might not make sense at all, but they would know they would have to do it. Then they might remember our conversation and what I said and understand better why I said it.

One of my nieces made me a handmade photo album and gave it to me that day. Above is the cover. I would show you what is inside, except that my sister would not take kindly to it, I am certain. But inside are pictures of my nieces and artwork. When my niece gave it to me, I started to cry.

When I got to California, it was prominently displayed.

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