Monday, June 3, 2013

From the Archives

Right before I left for my life in Columbus, I went out to dinner with my friend and his roommate (she was someone I knew, and was friendly with...but the only contact we had was around my visits with him). Before we parted company the 4 of us (including the guy I was going to be with) piled into one of those machines that take a strip of pictures. I am not sure what happened to the other three. But this one has lasted.

As we parted company, I was in Penn Station about to head home when a homeless man asked for money for food to eat. We had leftover food which I offered him, but he wanted the money instead. I can't remember what happened. But I remembered how strong his personality was. If we were going to help him, it was going to be his way.

I paused for a second just now. Sounds like someone else I know. Maybe that is what someone in extreme need needs - someone to help they way they need, not the way someone else offers. I don't know what his motivation was for being so insistent, but he did know what he wanted.

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