Saturday, June 1, 2013

Re the Benefit (From Ken Newman)

For anyone wondering about the benefit, I do not yet know what the financial outcome is. However, Ken posted this status last night:

Just unloaded the last of the equipment from today's show: Three Guitars, Two Amps, A PA, Mixer, Monitor, Cables, Effects, mike stands .... WHERE ARE MY FREAKIN ROADIES?!!

A fun day of music. Sadly, not nearly the turnout we had hoped for, but the people who DID show up seemed to really enjoy themselves. My team distributed over 500 flyers and folks were very responsive to those. A number of people stopped by after the gig, offering prayers, good wishes and donations. A fellow musician came by after a stint of street performing. He asked to see the guy who had put the benefit together. I walked over to him and he reached into his pocket, took out a small wad of bills and handed me two of them, saying,

"I'm just a poor musician, but hey, we gotta help each other, right?"

So .. all in all, a good day. And Elizabeth Alraune, we're not stopping here.

Thank you, Mario Ornelas, James Lynch III, Michael Banks Mike Dingle, Chris Hardy, Nathan, and the people who dropped ones, fives, tens and twenties into the silver tip bucket. Also thanks to Greg at The Condor Club for adding a small donation of his own .....

Thank you to those who were involved. I understand that it was going to be video'd and there would be audio, so I am looking forward to experiencing it myself. If I am able to get those pieces and parts, I will share them here. I have no doubt that those who were present had a good time. Ken is quite the life of the party and knows how to entertain. I love that "poor musician's" attitude and I am going to have to see if there is anything I (or anyone else) can do for him. If there is anything I can do for anyone who partook or helped, please do let me know. I really appreciate your contribution.

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