Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Work Days

This picture was taken in a job that I absolutely hated from Day 1. After I gave notice to my previous job I found out that I was required to do fingerprinting and a urine sample for the hiring process. It would hav been nice knowing that going in. I don't know if I would have had other thoughts, but I might have. It wasn't really fair of the agency not to disclose that sooner.

When I got there I had all kinds of grief. Most days I worked from 8 in the morning til 11 at night. It so sucked. I even remember one night trying to get something done when the copier was having all kinds of issues. There came a point I just had to acknowledge that I had done my best, and go home.

I had issues with my boss, the HR person, my job. It was a mess. I think the job lasted less than a year, and was probably best for all concerned. I was in tears way too many days. It wasn't worth it.

My next job was my ideal one - atleast - at first.

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