Friday, May 31, 2013

Poem: Dear Lord

I am not a religious person. My belief is that there is something greater than us, that is also us. It's anyone's guess if I am right - or if anyone of a differing opinion is. Of course opinions on that will vary greatly.

Even with what I believe, I have incredible moments of struggle and frustration from not being able to see the big picture, from not being able to tell if I am headed in the right direction. There have been many times in the absence of understanding that I have sought to have at least a feeling of peace about what is happening.

I don't usually talk about this, as I know it is a hot topic that usually winds up veering off into territory that is not particularly helpful, which is kind of ironic, really, as those who are having the discussion I would like to think want to be helpful and have the best of intentions.

Having said that, I wrote the following at some point. Sadly there is no date so I don't have a point of reference for what I was thinking and feeling at the time. But I believe it was while I was in California. I don't think I really liked it at the time. But now it is something interesting for me to see. Perhaps it will be interesting for you as well.

Dear Lord, thank you
for one more day
I really don't understand
when so many go away
There must be a reason
so many must cry
But it's not easy
not knowing why
Your plan for me is not so clear
But as I live each day,
please help me to persevere
Let me have the strength I need
to do the good deed
for a friend in need
To be the best I can be
to live up to what
you see
in me.
- Elizabeth Alraune

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