Thursday, May 30, 2013


"I" wrote this right before I left California. I don't think I have read it since - until today. I thought it was pretty profound, and spoke to a lot of what I have been dealing with, and thought I would share it with you, too:

These tears you shed are a release. They are not sadness, but rather a watering of your soul, enabling your soul's growth. Tears are as integral to your soul's growth as the rain is to a plant's growth.

I know there is more in what I am looking at...but I just don't think I can get into it now. I am going to try to put these papers somewhere I can get to them and go back and revisit.

(Oh, and in case you wondered why "I" looks the way it does, what I wrote was written in very much the same way "I" write the Letters of Love.)

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